LUDLOW VINEYARD Cider & Apple Juice

Ludlow Vineyard has an apple orchard as well as grape vines.  

We have Coxes, Bramleys, and several cider varieties including Dabinett and Michelin.  The trees are not fully producing yet and we supplement our own crop with other local apples.

We have a medium dry cider, and a medium sweet cider.  Both are slightly sparkling, in a 50cl bottle size.  This is milled, pressed, fermented and bottles at our premises, using a mixture of Cox, Bramley, and Cider apples.  The Coxes give the cider a wonderful apple aroma and taste.

We also have Cox apple juice, in two sizes, 25cl and 75cl.  Both sizes are available as clear juice, while the larger size is also available as cloudy juice, while the small size is completely clear.   

The Cider can be purchased from us at our market stall in Ludlow on Fridays, or at various local outlets or from our online shop.

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