Ludlow Vineyard now has a Licence to Distil, and we distil Apple Eau de Vie, Apple Brandy (like Calvados) and Pear Eau de Vie (like Poire Williams).   We also distil Damson Eau de Vie and Greengage Eau de Vie.  We produce these spirits in 50cl, 20cl, and 10cl bottles.

The distillation process produces neutral-tasting alchohol (a bit like vodka) as a by-product, and we use this in our liqueurs.  These are in 10cl and 35cl bottles.  Liqueurs are Apple & Elderflower, Blackberry & Apple, Damson & Juniper, and Rhubarb & Ginger.

Pending our own production we bought in some barrels of Fine 17 year old English Brandy from a retired vineyard owner in Somerset, and finished it and bottled it here at Clee St Margaret.

Our Spirit products can be bought from Amazon or at our local outlets in Shropshire and surrounding counties.

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